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Lattice degeneration is a condition that can result in permanent vision loss if untreated. It can cause you to lose side vision and see flashing lights and floaters.

There are often no obvious symptoms. It gradually gets worse over time and there is no cure. Treatment can help you to manage the condition.

Lattice degeneration happens when the sides of the light sensitive tissue in your eye (your retina) waste away. This creates holes, making blood vessels appear in a lattice pattern. These holes can sometimes tear the retina which can cause blindness. 

Symptoms of Lattice Degeneration
  • Often no symptoms
  • Sudden floaters
  • Loss of side vision
  • Seeing flashing lights
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Causes of Lattice Degeneration
  • Causes not known for sure
  • May be inherited
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Treatment of Lattice Degeneration
  • Laser surgery to manage the condition
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