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Without your glasses or contacts you will be free to run, 
free to play, free to live your life.

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Laser eye surgery will transform your sight and change your life. The results are dramatic. 

Over the course of your lifetime, you will spend thousands of pounds on glasses and contact lenses that you certainly need, but don’t really want. They don’t let you live the life the way you want to.

Modern life is all about taking part. Whether it is playing with the kids, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Med while on holiday or a game of five-a-sides down the park, we all want to be part of something. Poor eyesight holds you back in so many ways. You can only do what your glasses or contacts allow you to. Running, playing and travelling is all that bit more difficult if you don’t have great vision. It shouldn’t be like that. Corrective eye surgery will transform your sight, but it will do so much more than that. Corrective eye surgery from Optical Express will change your life.

Without your glasses or contacts you will be free to run, free to play, free to live your life the way you want to.

At Optical Express we take pride in ensuring our customers are satisfied with their experience and we have received a rating of 4.64 out of 5 from 50,350 reviews of our laser eye surgery.

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Laser eye surgery treatments available at Optical Express


iDesign is the most advanced diagnostic technology that delivers the best visual outcome. This precision allows for totally customised treatment, tailored to your eyes' exact specification.

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The most commonly used method of laser eye surgery comprising two lasers. Optical Express performs iLASIK, an advanced form of LASIK that uses blade-free, all-laser technology. 

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LASEK is an alternative treatment to iLASIK comprising a single cool beam laser to correct your vision. A temporary protective lens is applied for additional comfort as your eyes heal.

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