Post Cataract Surgery YAG Laser Capsulotomy

YAG laser surgery returns your vision to the level it was after your initial cataract surgery.

On occasion, the clear vision that's achieved after cataract surgery can become blurred over time. In these cases, a secondary procedure known as YAG laser treatment is required to improve your vision. Optical Express will perform YAG laser treatment to restore your vision to the level achieved after your initial surgery.

Before your treatment

  1. Welcomed by your surgeon

    Your surgeon will greet you when you arrive at the clinic and they'll go through what to expect during the procedure with you.

  2. Anaesthetic applied

    Your eye will be anaesthetised, which allows you to be comfortable during the procedure.

During your treatment

  1. The laser is applied

    The laser is applied and your surgeon creates a small opening in your lens, using a YAG laser.

  2. A clear view

    The opening creates a clear path for your vision and returns it to the standard it was when you first had cataract surgery.

  3. Eye pressure checked

    While the procedure itself takes around five minutes, your surgeon will examine your eyes again after 20 minutes. When the pressure in your eyes has returned to normal, you'll be able to return home.

After your treatment

  1. Immediate results

    YAG laser surgery results are almost immediate, but you may experience some blurriness while your eye drops subside. Once you're home, it's best to rest and sleep. You'll find that your vision will be even better when you wake up.

  2. Aftercare appointments

    Your surgeon will advise when your next follow up appointment with your optometrist should take place.

  3. The importance of eye health

    Our patients are also invited to one month and three month appointments. We recommend that we then see you on an annual basis, so we can keep a check on the health of your eyes.

What our patients say

  • It's like being inside a clearer, brighter world.
  • There's no greater feeling when you have nothing to hold you back.
  • ‘Freedom' is the best word to describe it.
  • I can get on with what I love doing.
  • I really wish I'd done it sooner.
  • I don't think I realised just how beautiful the world was.
  • Treatment has been truly life-changing.
  • I'm delighted with my eyesight now.
  • I can get on with my life and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • I can now stay out later and live my life.
  • Since having treatment, my life is so much easier.
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