Questions about your glasses?

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

  • My glasses don't fit properly. Is this a problem?

    The short answer is: Yes

    Your glasses should fit your face perfectly. If they are too wide, loose or tight, they can impact on the quality of your vision, as well as your comfort. Speak to one of our in-store advisers about adjusting your frames or finding a better fit.
  • Will my glasses improve my vision, so I don't have to wear them as often?

    The short answer is: No

    Wearing glasses will improve your vision whilst you're wearing them. However, when you remove your glasses, your uncorrected eyesight will not have improved. Wearing glasses does also help with symptoms of vision problems, such as headaches. If you'd prefer to not wear glasses, speak to one of our team members about contact lenses or eye surgery.
  • Are cheap glasses as good as designer brands?

    The short answer is: The budget styles we stock are just as effective as designer glasses

    We stock a wide range of frames from across the globe, with options to suit every taste and budget. While some styles may be significantly cheaper than designer options, this doesn't mean that they are any less chic or functional. As long as your glasses have your correct prescription, fit you properly and complement your face shape and complexion, they will be just as effective as a designer brand. Speak to one of our in-store advisors about the best glasses within your price range.
  • Can I order glasses online from Optical Express?

    The short answer is: No, but we offer plenty of information to get you started

    Our customers cannot purchase glasses online. However, the expert advice and style tips on our site have been put together to give you the information you need, before you visit your local Optical Express store to discuss your requirements with one of our trained experts.
  • How do I get my glasses prescription?

    The short answer is: By having an eye test at Optical Express

    Opticians are required by law to provide you with a clear copy of your current prescription after an eye test, which can then be used when you choose your next pair of glasses. Find your local Optical Express clinic, and arrange your eye examination today.
  • I have problems with glare on my lenses. What can I do about it?

    The short answer is: Choose an anti-reflective lens coating

    Anti-reflective coating (AR coating) will improve your vision and reduce eye strain in bright situations, as well as making your glasses look better. AR coating helps to eliminate reflections on the surface of the lenses, which is particularly helpful when driving or working at a computer.
  • What is a single vision lens?

    The short answer is: A lens used for simple eye conditions

    A single vision lens offers the same level of correction across its surface. They're used for prescriptions with one condition – myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Single vision lenses can be used for patients with both mild conditions and high corrections.
  • What is a multifocal lens?

    The short answer is: A lens with multiple lens powers used for patients with several vision requirements. It's also known as a varifocal lens.

    Multifocal lenses have two or more capabilities. They're typically prescribed for adults aged 40 and over, correcting their presbyopia (gradual deterioration of the lens, due to age) as well as short or long sightedness. In some cases, multifocal lenses will be suitable for children and young adults who have eye strain.
  • My glasses lenses are scratched. What can I do?

    The short answer is: It depends on the damage

    If your glasses have several deep scratches, it may be worth visiting Optical Express to discuss new lens choices, as it's important that you keep your lenses in good condition to maintain your vision. If you work in an environment that makes your glasses susceptible to damage, we can recommend extra durable lenses.