What types of laser eye surgery are available?

Optical Express offers two types of laser eye surgery – LASIK and LASEK.

Your consultation will let us understand which treatment is best for you. What’s more, by choosing to include our exclusive iDesign treatment plan in your procedure, you can help your vision after surgery be the best it can be.

Types of surgery available



    LASIK is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery procedure, with over 90% of our suitable patients choosing this treatment.

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    LASEK is an alternative treatment to LASIK and is effective for some of those patients who are not suited to a LASIK procedure.

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What is iDesign?

iDesign is an innovative system which produces a highly-detailed 3D map of the eye and enhances your treatment. Capturing over 1,200 microscopic eye imperfections, your iDesign map is as unique as your fingerprint. This technology allows your surgeon to customise your treatment 25 times more accurately than a standard prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

In a study of 190,231 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat, 99.2% achieved 20/20 vision or better following treatment.

Your precise and personalised iDesign treatment is a custom-fit to the exact specifications of your eye and can be applied to both LASIK and LASEK surgery. Recommended for most patients, it's essential for some, but suitability can often depend on your prescription and pupil size.

The advanced technology we use is provided by the leading optical technology company Johnson & Johnson and it helps us to provide optimum results for our patients. In fact, we're the No.1 user of Johnson & Johnson's systems in Europe. Book your consultation today to discuss your options with our specialists.

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Compare LASIK and LASEK


  • Most commonly performed procedure

  • Faster visual recovery

  • Excellent visual outcomes

  • Lower infection risk than with daily wear contact lenses

  • Most patients return to work within two days

From £1,295 /per eye*

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  • Excellent visual outcomes

  • Lower infection risk than with daily wear contact lenses

  • Suitable for patients with thin corneas (the outer window of the eye)

  • Most patients return to work within one week

  • Can return to contact sports sooner

From £595 /per eye

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