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At Optical Express, it's easy to meet the eye care needs of your employees.

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Why choose Optical Express corporate eye care?

Increasingly, employers are realising that looking after their employees' health brings huge benefits to their business. The Optical Express corporate eye care programme will help your team members to maintain good eye health and offer them the peace of mind that long term eye care brings.

The choice is yours

We understand that every organisation has different employee eye care requirements - that's why we give our corporate clients the freedom to select the specific parts of our service that they need. Choose from our list of features, including on-site eye testing, free or subsidised VDU use spectacles and exclusive discounts.

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Eye care features and benefits

  • Exclusive savings

    A worthwhile employee benefit – at no cost to you! Your staff members can receive a wide range of discounts on designer glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery and lens surgery at Optical Express.

  • Free or subsidised everyday use spectacles

    You may have employees who require glasses for general use. While there's no legal requirement for you to provide this type of eyewear, it's a valuable benefit for your workforce, from just £49 a pair.

  • DSE spectacles for employees

    For employees who are working regularly with display screen equipment and who require a prescription for this type of work, Optical Express can offer glasses which will meet basic health and safety standards from just £49 per pair.

  • Free marketing materials

    We can provide you with a variety of posters, artwork and copy for your staff newsletter or intranet to help you tell your employees about your company's great eye care benefits.

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Why choose Optical Express?

Optical Express has looked after the vision and health of our patients' eyes for over 30 years. Since we opened our first opticians, over £500 million has been invested in our clinics and technologies, ensuring that our surgeons have access to the most advanced procedures in corrective eye surgery.

Providing exceptional clinical expertise, outstanding surgical outcomes and a comprehensive aftercare programme, we make sure your vision is a key part of a fulfilling and active life.

At Optical Express, we understand that every patient is unique, and our consultants recommend the very best solution for the long term correction of your vision.

Still have questions?

Below you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • How do we sign up for a corporate eye care programme?

    The short answer is: Get in touch with us

    Our Corporate Team will be happy to talk you through the best options for your business and for your employees. Feel free to contact us by email or phone.
  • Am I legally obligated to offer free eye tests?

    The short answer is: Most likely yes, if your employees use screens

    Employers whose workers use screens regularly (daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more) need to comply with the Display Screen Regulations 1992, and fund an eye examination and basic spectacles, if used for specifically for DSE use.