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    What Is Cataract Surgery?

    If you are suffering from cataracts, surgery is the most effective solution to restore your vision. Cataract surgery is a straightforward procedure that can make a huge difference to your day to day life.

    It’s the most common operation performed in the UK and, after the NHS, Optical Express carries out the highest number of cataract surgeries in the country.

    Cataracts are small, cloudy patches which form on your eye’s lens, making your vision blurry. Choose to have your private cataract treatment with us, and you’ll discover that we have a range of options, using premium lenses, which will transform your life.

    As the leading provider of private cataract surgery in the UK, we can have your cataracts treated within a matter of weeks. Once you’ve had your free consultation, you can decide on a date that’s convenient for you and look forward to seeing the world around you much more clearly.

    Am I Suitable For Private Cataract Surgery?

    If you are suffering from cataracts, private surgery is the quickest solution to restore your vision. The majority of Optical Express patients are suitable for one of the private cataract removal treatments we offer. Here is some guidance to help you find out if you're suitable.

    Find out if you're suitable

    How Does Cataract Surgery Work?

    Cataract surgery replaces your cloudy natural lens with a new synthetic one, making your vision clearer and brighter. This premium lens can also help to correct long sightedness, short sightedness and reading vision. It's a simple procedure with a high success rate.

    Step 1

    Our treatment support optometrist will record your vision with and without spectacles and perform an assessment of your eye health. Eye drops will be administered, so that your eye is comfortable during surgery.

    Step 2

    Your surgeon will gently create a small opening on the surface of your eye to get access to your natural lens. The contents of the natural lens bag are carefully removed before the premium synthetic lens is put in place.

    Step 3

    Immediately after your treatment is performed, you will be unable to drive. Ensure you arrange transport home beforehand. You should go home to rest after your treatment, returning for treatment in your second eye if required.

    World Class Technology

    Our expert surgeons use the same technology that led NASA to approve laser eye surgery for its astronauts. More than £500 million has been invested in state of the art clinics and technologies, so that we can provide our patients with the very best results. In recent years, the introduction of femtosecond cataract laser treatment has provided our surgeons with an exciting new technological approach to cataract surgery.

    Femtosecond laser treatment of cataracts adds an element of precision that is unattainable with traditional manual techniques. Through the use of a femtosecond laser, cataract surgery now yields even more predictable and refined results.

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    Patient Reviews

    Read reviews from thousands of happy patients. To date, over 9,000 of our UK patients have rated us on leading consumer review site Trustpilot. That’s more than any other national provider.​*

    How Much Does Private Cataract Surgery Cost?

    Private eye surgery for cataracts is available at Optical Express, the UK's only complete eye care provider. While it can be a sizeable investment, it’s an incredibly effective treatment that brings long term, life-changing benefits. We offer a number of payment options and finance plans, making private cataracts treatment an option for everyone.

    From £1,995 Per Eye¹
    0% APR For 10 Months

    Why opt for Private Cataract Surgery?

    With the demand for cataract surgery outpacing the availability of surgeons and capacity on NHS lists, there has been a significant increase in waiting times for NHS treatment in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the NHS reducing the volume of eye cataract procedures performed through 2020 and into 2021. Patients are now being forced to wait months and in some cases even years for NHS treatment, putting them at risk of experiencing further loss of vision. This prolonged vision impairment can in turn lead to a loss of independence, with patients being unable to perform daily tasks each of us take for granted such as driving and reading, as well as making them more prone to trips and falls, which could lead to devastating injuries and hospitalisation.

    If you are looking to opt for cataract surgery, private providers such as Optical Express can drastically reduce your waiting time for treatment. Once you’ve had your free consultation (which carries a value of £100) you can decide on a date and time that’s convenient for you and thanks to our nationwide network of clinics, you can receive private treatment for cataracts in a matter of weeks.

    Choose to have your private cataract operation with us and you’ll discover that we have a range of premium lens options available. While the NHS is limited to the use of traditional monofocal lenses, often leaving patients’ still requiring glasses for visual tasks within an arm's length, at Optical Express we can provide premium multifocal lenses that are designed to allow good vision at all distances - near, intermediate and far.

    What’s more, NHS waiting lists mean that the time between the first and subsequent second eye to be operated on can often be months, and in many areas of the UK even years. Should only one eye be treated, the difference in prescription between a patient’s eyes can result in a condition which causes visual discomfort, double or blurred vision, and headaches. At Optical Express, both eyes can be treated on the same day because visual comfort is best when vision in both eyes is balanced. With over 120 locations across the UK to choose from, don’t wait any longer and book your free consultation for private eye cataract surgery at a clinic near you today.

    Aftercare & Recovery

    Our complete aftercare programme starts on the day of your cataract eye surgery and is customised to your individual requirements. We check your progress regularly to make sure that your recovery is progressing just as it should. All Optical Express patients also have access to our out-of-hours medical helpline, where a specialist optometrist or surgeon can give you professional advice and help to answer questions on vision or eye health after cataracts surgery.

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    Is Cataract Surgery Safe?

    YES! Cataract/lens surgery is the number one elective surgery procedure in the world and millions of people are enjoying the life changing benefits of this treatment. Of course, all surgical procedures carry a degree of risk but our expert Optical Express surgeons will ensure that your treatment is safe, effective, and as comfortable as possible.

    Why Choose Optical Express?

    From children’s first eye test to teenagers’ glasses, from contact lenses to prescription sunglasses and from laser eye surgery to lens replacement in later life, we’ve looked after the health of our patients and their families’ eyes for over 30 years. Not only do we provide the best in clinical care, but we have optical solutions for all patients too.

    We’ve never stood still. Since we opened our first optical practice, over £500 million has been invested in our clinics and technology, giving our clinicians access to the most advanced methods of vision correction and providing the best visual results for our patients. At Optical Express, you’ll find that we provide exceptional clinical expertise, outstanding surgical outcomes and a complete aftercare programme. We, quite simply, want to bring a new sense of joy into your life.

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