Find the lenses that are perfect for you

As your eyes are unique, it’s vital that your contact lenses fit properly and are comfortable.

Our customers come first. It’s important to Optical Express that we provide prescription contact lenses that are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technology. We offer a range of contact lenses from suppliers which include leading manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson and Alcon.

Contact lenses to suit you and your budget

Advanced technology means that more people than ever can enjoy clear vision with prescription contact lenses. Whether you have a complex prescription, have found contacts uncomfortable in the past, or you've been told that you're not suitable for them, we may have a contact lens solution for you.

Contact lenses can be worn occasionally or full-time and can help you enjoy social occasions and lead a full and active life. No matter what your requirements are, our experienced optometrists can help. We also offer a convenient service for you to order contact lenses online.

We offer a full range of contact lenses in every Optical Express store. The collection features all major contact lens brands, along with our own exclusive brand. You'll find that every type of contact lens is available, including daily and monthly disposables, lenses for extended wear and lenses for multifocal prescriptions. You can also benefit from using Contact Lens Direct, our direct debit scheme.

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Daily disposable lenses from 60p a day

Daily disposable lenses are convenient and easy. There's no need at all for cleaning or disinfecting, because you'll wear a fresh pair of lenses each day. These lenses are ideal for people who are sensitive to cleaning fluids and allergens and daily disposables are now available for correcting astigmatism too.

Premium monthly disposable lenses

The latest generation of monthly disposable silicone hydrogel lenses has arrived! These contact lenses provide superior all-day comfort, greater oxygen transmission and give you brighter, whiter eyes. Silicone hydrogels are ideal for people who want to wear lenses for extended periods. Our monthly disposable contacts are available in a range of prescriptions, including toric lenses for astigmatism.

Standard monthly disposable lenses

You can enjoy the benefits of monthly disposable lenses. This cost-effective vision solution is comfortable and effective and available in a wide range of prescriptions to suit all visual requirements, including toric lenses for astigmatism and progressive powers to correct distance and reading vision.

Toric contact lenses

Astigmatism is no longer a barrier for contact lens wear, thanks to recent advances in technology. We're pleased to offer high quality toric contacts for customers with astigmatism. They're ideal for people who want to experience the comfort and convenience of soft contacts and they're available in a wide range of materials.

Contact Lens Direct

Buying contact lenses just got easier... and even more rewarding.

Optical Express Contact Lens Direct is our direct debit programme, which gives a complete eye care package at no extra cost.

From just £14 per month, you can select your contact lenses and receive them hassle-free through the post. We'll deliver your lenses and any solutions you need exactly when you need them, direct to your door.

Visit your nearest Optical Express store to find out more.

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Contact Lens Direct Debit includes1:

  • Free home delivery
  • Free glasses2
  • Free replacement lenses3
  • 50% off designer sunglasses4
  • 10% off laser eye surgery
  • Contact lens advice5

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(1) These offers are available to all patients in the Optical Express Contact Lens Direct programme, who agree to remain on the programme for a minimum of 12 months following the date of the offer(s) being redeemed. Patients that leave the programme before the end of the 12 month period will be required to repay any discount received. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. (2) Up to the value of £100. Patient may purchase a pair of glasses (frame and lenses) over the value of £100 but will be required to pay the difference in price. (3) A maximum of two free replacement lenses can be claimed per year. Applies to soft contact lenses only. (4) 50% off designer sunglasses can be redeemed against one pair per year. (5) The cost of a contact lens appointment including fitting or aftercare is £50 per appointment.

Caring for your eyes with contact lenses

The dos

  • Attend regular checkups and eye examinations
  • Always wash and rinse your hands before handling contact lenses
  • Dry your hands with a lint-free towel before handling contact lenses
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses after each use (except daily disposable lenses)
  • Discard daily disposable lenses after each wear
  • Use fresh solutions daily
  • Air dry your storage cases when lenses are worn
  • Carry a lens case containing fresh solution at all times
  • Replace your lens case every month
  • Keep a pair of glasses as a back-up
  • Put your lenses in before applying makeup
  • Avoid using hairspray when wearing contacts, as it will stick to the surface of your lenses

The don'ts

  • Never use tap water to rinse your lenses
  • Never wet your lenses with saliva
  • Do not wear contact lenses when swimming, unless they are daily disposables worn with goggles, and discarded immediately afterwards
  • Do not wear your lenses when showering, bathing, or using a sauna or hot tub
  • Do not re-use solutions
  • Do not sleep in your lenses unless they are specifically designed for this purpose
  • Do not re-use daily disposables
  • Do not handle lenses after handling onions and chillies, until your hands are washed thoroughly
  • Do not wear torn or damaged lenses
  • Do not wear contacts if your eyes feel sore
  • Do not wear lenses beyond their replacement date

Ask yourself three key questions when wearing contact lenses

  • Do my eyes look ok?
    No redness?
  • Do my eyes feel ok?
    No discomfort?
  • Is my vision ok?
    No unusual blurriness?

Remember:If in doubt, take them out

Contact lenses: Environmental Impact

97% of contact lens wearers are damaging the environment°

Concerned about the waste created by disposable contact lenses and the impacts this is having on the environment? So are we! 

Here's how you can help:

  • Avoid putting your contact lenses down the sink, shower or toilet
  • Recycle your used lenses at Optical Express clinics nationwide

To discuss alternatives to your contact lenses including laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery book a free consultation today.


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