Our Treatment Clinics

With over 100 locations, Optical Express has the largest network of private clinics in the UK and Ireland, giving our patients the convenience of attending consultations and surgeries close to home. All Optical Express clinics are easy to reach and offer appointment times that are convenient to you.

Over £500 million invested

Since 1991, over £500 million has been invested in Optical Express clinics, making us a world leader in eye health and vision services. This ensures that every one of our patients has access to industry leading state-of-the-art technology.

State-of-the-art screening equipment

Because we have the latest in diagnostic screening equipment, we can assess each patient's eye health and vision to a higher degree than ever before. This allows us to learn about your eyes in more detail, tailoring your treatment for lower risks and better results.

Fast, effective iScan reporting

Fast, effective iScan reporting

Optical Express's exclusive iScan is a one-of-a-kind diagnostic reporting system which details the unique characteristics of your eyes. A revolution in eye care, iScan is quick and efficient, providing you with detailed information on your general health, eye health and prescription.

Advanced technology for eye surgery

We are the UK's number one laser eye surgery provider and offer the latest advanced technology for both laser eye and lens surgery. Our experienced surgeons have carried out over 2 million procedures.