Your eye health is our priority

The health of your eyes couldn’t be more important to us.

That’s why we provide a complete eye health examination when you visit Optical Express for an eye test. It is recommended that you have an eye test every two years or as recommended by your optometrist. 

With regular eye tests, we’re able to monitor your eye health and pick up on any changes that have occurred.

Eye tests

It's more than just a sight test; it can identify other health issues, too. Your optometrist will advise you as to how often you should have your eyes tested, but for most people, every two years is recommended. In younger people under the age of 16, or for those with certain eye conditions, annual or more frequent eye examinations may be recommended.

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What's included in your eye test?

Much more than just a standard eye test

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We can help with all your eye care needs

Our optometrists can recommend the best treatment for you, whether you suffer from short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, blurred vision, or another condition. We offer a range of vision correction procedures and will recommend the most effective solution for you, from glasses and contact lenses to laser eye, lens and cataract surgery.

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With over 120 Optical Express clinics across the UK, you've easy access to professional eye care.

Eye Conditions

Some eye problems can affect your vision. The earlier they are found, the easier it is to treat them.

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Eye conditions

Our eyes are complex organs and problems with individual areas of the eye can lead to a variety of conditions.

Eye conditions

Dry eye treatment

Dry eye is a common condition which causes your eyes to feel gritty and uncomfortable.

Dry eye treatment

NHS entitlement for free eye tests

The NHS provides free eye tests for qualifying patients in the UK and in some cases, it will also contribute towards the cost of your glasses. At Optical Express, our experienced optometrists will carry out a thorough eye examination and advise you on the best vision solution for you.

The regulations in Scotland differ from the other countries in the UK.

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