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Expert eye care for all ages

From your very first eye test as a child through to adult life, the health of your eyes is our number one priority.

We are the only opticians to offer a full service for correcting poor vision, from glasses and contact lenses to laser eye surgery, lens surgery and cataract treatment. 

Eye health
The health of your eyes is our number one priority. The importance of regular eye tests is not only to check the quality of your vision.
An eye test can detect a number of health conditions that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.
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We have a huge range of frames to suit every style and budget. There is also a wide selection of lenses and coatings to suit every prescription.

Our experienced optical advisors are on hand to give advice on the best frame for you.
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Contact Lenses
Thanks to the advancements in technology more people than ever can wear contact lenses to correct poor vision.
Whether you want to wear them full-time or occasionally during sports and social occasions, we have a choice of contact lenses to choose from.
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Laser eye surgery
Laser eye surgery is one of the most common and safest surgeries in the world. It has high success rates and patient satisfaction.
It uses a cool and extremely precise laser to reshape the natural curve of the eye’s cornea to give you clearer, sharper vision
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Lens surgery
Lens surgery uses a hi-tech artificial lens to correct poor vision. The lens is called an intraocular lens and it works much the same as a contact lens.
The intraocular lens is custom-fit to each eye and fixed in place, no need for cleaning and removal.
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