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Don’t forget the importance of eye tests for your little ones

It’s not widely known, but ensuring your child has a regular eye test is really important. Some schools carry out vision screenings to pick up on any issues, but not always.

It’s best to take them to an optometrist where they will receive a thorough examination of their eyes. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Your child might not realise there’s a vision problem if it’s always been that way for them
  • Their developing eyes go through many changes and an eye test can detect any issues
  • The sooner a problem is detected, the sooner it can be treated

If you detect a problem with your child’s eyes, you should speak to an optometrist.

Children under 16 don’t need to pay for their eye tests in the UK. With an NHS voucher, children will also receive TWO pairs of glasses completely free at Optical Express. We’ve got a wide range of exciting styles that they’ll love and feel great wearing.

It’s the perfect time to book your child’s eye test as kids are returning to school in the next few weeks across the country.

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