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Choosing the perfect glasses for your face shape

Choosing the perfect glasses for you

We all like to look good and choosing the right pair of glasses is an important part of making sure we look our best. Help make sure you chose the right glasses by following our tips and tricks for picking the perfect pair for you.

Everyone's face is different but there are some rules which we can all follow when selecting the glasses which will suit us best:

  • It's best to avoid having too much of your eyebrow above or below the top of your frame.
  • Have a little look at the natural shape of your brows and try on glasses that follow that shape. Though in the case of sunglasses your frame should always cover your eyebrows.
  • Your eyes should sit in the centre of the frame.
  • It's important to follow guidelines which take account of the shape of your face, but you must also consider your other features. For instance if you have an oval face but also a prominent nose, you must make sure to choose the glasses which work best with these features.
  • To bring out the colour of your eyes chose frames which are complimentary to them.

As well as the general rules which apply to everyone there are various types of facial shapes and features which have their own rules.

Round faces

Opt for angular shaped frames which will provide your face with definition. Avoid round frames.

Oval faces

Almost everything will look great on a long, thin face, so focus on frames that enhance your features. The only thing to avoid is thin frames which may elongate your face.

Rectangular faces

Go for prominent full rimmed frames. These thicker frames will shorten the appearance of a rectangular face.

Heart-shaped faces

Frames that are thicker on the bottom will balance a pointed chin and add an appearance of width. Retro pin details are also good to draw attention to the eyes.

Receding hair lines

If you have a receding hair line it's best to select a dark frame with a strong, horizontal line. Clear frames will elongate the appearance of your forehead are best avoided.

Black hair

For black hair, choose darker frames like black or tortoise shell. You can experiment with brighter colours, but whether they work will depend on your undertone.

Blond hair

If you have dark tones in your blonde hair, look for warm colours. Tortoise shell would also be a good choice for you. Ashy or platinum blondes-consider pastels and other bright colours for fascinating contrast with your light hair and skin.

Brown hair

Brown hair is a perfect match for tortoise shell frames. Or look for frames that also have the warm, earthy colours of tortoise shell.

Red hair

Be bold. You can try coloured frames, or for the more conventional look, go with darker ones. It is best to avoid red frames as you do not want them to match your hair.

Grey/White hair

You have lots of options these are ideal hair colours for experimentation. You will particularly suit bright colours.

Finding the perfect pair of glasses should feel fun, not frustrating we've laid out the guidelines, but in the end rules were made to be broken. Your face shape, hair colour and eye colour all play a part in determining the right frames for you but so can your personal style.



Choosing the perfect glasses