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Over 300,000 cataract surgeries each year

If your vision has become blurry, hazy or dim, a cataract may have developed in one or both of your eyes.

Many people say that having a cataract is similar to looking through a dirty car windscreen. This cloudiness can become worse over time causing increasingly poor vision. The only treatment is cataract surgery. The damaged lens is removed and replaced with a hi-tech artificial lens. The new lens can also correct long-sightedness, short-sightedness, reading vision and treat astigmatism (an uneven curve of the eye). The treatment itself takes less than 30 minutes with each eye is treated on a different day.

Optical Express offers advanced all-laser cataract surgery.
This advanced method improves the accuracy of cataract surgery. It uses a laser (femtosecond laser) to create the microscopic entry point, break up and help remove the natural lens. 
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Step 1
Entry point

The first step is to create an opening in the eye known as the entry point. 
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Step 2
Remove natural lens

Your surgeon will remove your natural lens through the entry point.
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Step 3
Insert new lens

The new lens is put in position. 
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Optical Express is a Bupa approved provider of cataract surgery

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