'Thanks a Million'

We're proud to be donating £1 million worth of laser eye surgery to NHS and emergency service workers



NHS Informatics Manager

“Prior to treatment I wore both glasses and contact lenses. My eyes were getting dry looking at the screen all day because I wore contact lenses a lot of the time in the office. You get very anxious about wearing glasses, so I switched to contact lenses.

The impact on my work life after having laser eye surgery is life changing, it really is. I’m able to go to meetings and sit behind my desk at my PC without irritation and having to rub my eyes. My clear vision means that my glasses aren’t a hindrance any more.

The improvements to my personal life have really been dramatic. There’s all the sport that you missed out on over so many years. And being able to swim underwater without needing contact lenses or glasses or special goggles is insane – it really is!”

It was mind blowing to see the difference.

Craig, NHS Informatics Manager

About 'Thanks a Million'

‘In July 2017, we launched our campaign to say ‘Thanks a Million’ to NHS and emergency service workers. The initiative followed a national survey commissioned by Optical Express, which found that people who dedicate their lives to public service 'are most deserving of our thanks'. As a result, we pledged to give away £1 million of laser eye surgery by way of thanks.

It’s no wonder that we were inundated with applications, because glasses and contact lenses can be a real hassle. That’s especially true if you lead active lives like our ‘Thanks a Million’ patients.

Over 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after treatment* and 100% of patients achieve driving standard vision or better. Just like them, the wonderful patients we’ve already treated are discovering the joy and freedom that laser eye surgery brings.

We’re the UK and Europe’s No.1 provider of laser eye surgery. Our pioneering approach helps to make sure that our patients achieve the very best results possible, from our state of the art advanced technology to our highly experienced surgeons.

Many of our delighted patients tell us that choosing to have laser eye surgery is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, and that they wish they’d decided to have treatment earlier. You can find the freedom you’ve been looking for too - contact us now to start your journey to great vision.

It’s a wonderful world. We’ll help you see it that way.

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