'Thanks a Million'

We're proud to be donating £1 million worth of laser eye surgery to NHS and emergency service workers




“I’m a shift worker, and I wore contact lenses on day shift and glasses on night shifts. They say you should only wear contacts for about 12 hours, but because my shift was 12 hours long I was wearing them for a lot longer than that.

My vision at work now is 100% better. I don’t have to worry about my glasses steaming up, getting wet in the rain or sliding down my face in hot situations, which has made a really big difference to my working life.

My prescription is better than 20/20. As well as improving my work life, it’s massively improved my home life. I’ve got two young children, and now I don’t have to say to them, “Hang on, Mum’s got to put her glasses on.” I can just get up without thinking about it now, which is something I’m actually still getting used to doing.”

It's changed my working life for the better.

Deborah, Paramedic

About 'Thanks a Million'

‘In July 2017, we launched our campaign to say ‘Thanks a Million’ to NHS and emergency service workers. The initiative followed a national survey commissioned by Optical Express, which found that people who dedicate their lives to public service 'are most deserving of our thanks'. As a result, we pledged to give away £1 million of laser eye surgery by way of thanks.

It’s no wonder that we were inundated with applications, because glasses and contact lenses can be a real hassle. That’s especially true if you lead active lives like our ‘Thanks a Million’ patients.

Over 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or better after treatment* and 100% of patients achieve driving standard vision or better. Just like them, the wonderful patients we’ve already treated are discovering the joy and freedom that laser eye surgery brings.

We’re the UK and Europe’s No.1 provider of laser eye surgery. Our pioneering approach helps to make sure that our patients achieve the very best results possible, from our state of the art advanced technology to our highly experienced surgeons.

Many of our delighted patients tell us that choosing to have laser eye surgery is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, and that they wish they’d decided to have treatment earlier. You can find the freedom you’ve been looking for too - contact us now to start your journey to great vision.

It’s a wonderful world. We’ll help you see it that way.

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