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Try these 7 things if you have dry eyes

If you’ve been noticing symptoms like redness, itchiness, blurred vision, or pain in your eyes, then chances are you’re suffering from dry eyes. Dry eyes are common when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. These common symptoms tend to be aggravated by time spent staring at a computer screen, excessive air conditioning, contact lenses, or conditions like Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) or blepharitis.

The saying “prevention is better than a cure” is true in most cases, especially when it comes to dry eyes. While conditions like MGD can’t be reversed, there are things you can try to help address your dry eye symptoms:

  • Using a humidifier at home
  • Take breaks when looking at brightly lit screens
  • Drink plenty of water (i.e. 8 glasses of water a day)
  • Get plenty of sleep, or at least make sure to give your eyes a break
  • Wear UV-blocking sunglasses when outside during the day
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts when possible
  • Ask your optometrist about LipiFlow treatment to target the cause of MGD rather than just manage its symptoms and provide relief for dry eye.

It might be tempting to try eye drops if your dry eye continues, but they tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. See your local Optical Express optometrist to address the cause of your dry eyes, and they can help you determine the best solution.

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