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Dry Eye - and what you can do about it

The word "Meibomian" doesn't necessarily roll off the tongue, but if you suffer from gritty, watery and red eyes then it may be the key to your condition and become a word you become very familiar with.

That's because you may have Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Although it's a common eye problem, lack of awareness means that suffering from these symptoms may never have heard of it. And despite those water eyes, you may have a condition called Dry Eye Syndrome, which is caused by MGD.

So, what are Meibomian glands? Well, they're located in your eyelids, and there are between 24 and 40 in the upper lid between 20 and 30 in the lower. These glands produce the oils which coat the surface of the eye and help stop your tears from evaporating too quickly.

If the glands become blocked, they can't secrete these important oils into your tears. The lack of oil leads to the gritty feeling, itchy eyes, blurred vision and of course annoying, runny eyes.

What causes MGD? Age can be a factor, as the number of glands decreases over time. And ethnicity plays a part too, as Asian people are approximately three times more likely to suffer from it than those who have European roots.

There is good news for those who have MGD and who are tired of using eye drops which don't really help. A treatment called LipiFlow is available at Optical Express. 

Lipiflow can successfully prevent and provide relief to Dry Eye sufferers by treating the cause of this debilitating condition, rather than simply managing the symptoms.

It's a procedure that takes just minutes to alleviate the symptoms associated with Dry Eye Syndrome. Eyepieces are placed on the patient's eyelids, applying gentle heat and intermittent pressure to unblock the glands.

LipiFlow is gentle, too - so gentle, in fact, that some patients have likened it to a spa treatment for the eyes!

It's time to give up suffering in silence, when you could be enjoying life without worrying about managing your Dry Eye symptoms thanks to Lipiflow treatment. Optical Express offers a free consultation to check suitability for LipiFlow, so if dry eyes are driving you to distraction, perhaps now's the time to get in touch.

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