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Iconic Beatles Specs to Be Auctioned

By Optical Express

This week, Optical Express has learned that a pair of spectacles that belonged to iconic Beatle John Lennon, are set to be auctioned off.

Lennon Rocked Some Psychedelic Pairs of Specs

As a provider of stylish frames designed to accentuate your face, Optical Express understands why people turn to celebrities to show them what glasses they should wear. Celebrities, after all, are the arbiters of cool.

If you were alive in the 60s or 70s, and you wanted advice on which glasses to wear, you turned to John Lennon. A legend in his own time, Lennon was known for rocking some truly psychedelic pairs of specs; including a pair that are now destined to go under the hammer.

Lennon Glasses Expected to Earn Up to £25,000 at Auction

This week New Magazine reported that a pair of Lennon’s glasses dating back to his rock and roll heyday in the 60s are due to be auctioned off on 14th November.

It should come as no surprise that the classic Lennon-style frames are expected to fetch a high price when they go on sale at LA-based Julien’s Auctions; he’s John freaking Lennon, who wouldn’t want to own them. In fact experts suggest they’ll fetch as much as £25,000 when put under the hammer.

How One Woman Gained Possession of John Lennon’s Glasses.

In part, this has to be down to the pair in questions fantastically cool back story. It all started with an audacious female fan, who was actually brave enough to pinch his bum, whilst dancing at a Swinging London nightclub in the 1960s.

Not one to shy away form a little controversy, Lennon was impressed by the woman’s confidence, and invited her to join him at his table. He proceeded to offer her his glasses, when she couldn’t read the menu. Since then, both glasses and menu have been sitting in an underwear drawer! Now both will be available for auction.

Who Wouldn’t Want the Chance to Own Them!

We can see why the specs are expected to do so well at auction. Not only do they come with an amazing backstory, but they belonged to one of the most iconic musicians in modern history. Who wouldn’t want the chance to own them!

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