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If you want to correct your vision by using laser eye surgery, but aren't suitable for the procedure, there are other options available to you. Natural lens replacement is a viable option for those unsuitable for laser treatment, and is something that's particularly common with those aged 50 and above.

When might this procedure be best?


If you need glasses for seeing things clearly up close, such as reading, as well as for distance, it wouldn't be possible to correct both issues with laser eye surgery. In this case, lens replacement surgery can help.

During the procedure, your natural lens would be replaced with a multifocal artificial lens to correct both issues. The surgery takes just 30 minutes per eye, and you must have both eyes treated on separate days.

Optical Express offers advanced all-laser cataract surgery.
This advanced method improves the accuracy of cataract surgery. It uses a laser (femtosecond laser) to create the microscopic entry point, break up and help remove the natural lens. 
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Step 1: 
Entry Point

The first step is to create an opening in the eye known as the entry point. 

Optical Express offers advanced all-laser natural lens replacement. 
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Step 2:
Remove natural lens

Your surgeon will remove your natural lens through the microscopic entry point.
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Step 3:
Insert new lens

The new lens is put in position. 
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Over 3 million lens surgeries are carried out each year in Europe

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