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Treatment Day

It is natural to be nervous on the day of your surgery. Your surgical care team will do everything possible to make you feel at ease.

Our surgical care team are experienced in making sure you are comfortable. We advise you to wear loose, comfortable clothing and allow a half-day for your visit.

Your surgeon will have assessed all your diagnostic results and medical records prior to meeting you. On the day of your laser eye surgery your surgeon will conduct a further eye examination and make a final decision on whether you are suitable for treatment. In a small number of cases your surgeon may recommend a different treatment. Your surgeon will talk you through the surgery to make sure you fully understand the benefits and risks. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions. You and your surgeon will complete your informed consent documentation. Your surgeon will advise you what to expect during your surgery and answer any final questions you may have. Lens surgery patients will first go to a pre surgery room where your anaesthetist will administer a local anaesthetic and apply drops to your eye while you remain awake.

Guided through each step
You will be guided through each step of the procedure at your own pace. For laser, while both eyes are treated on the same day, each eye is operated on separately and the surgery itself only takes a few minutes to perform. For lens patients each eye is treated on separate days normally seven days apart. Patients are advised to bring a pair of non-prescription sunglasses to wear during the journey home as your eyes may be sensitive to light. Lens surgery patients will be given a protective shield to wear over the treated eye.

Rest and relaxation
After your treatment your surgeon will assess the immediate results and talk you through the results. A member of the surgical care team will take you to a private lounge area where you may relax while you are given your aftercare medication and instructions. You will also be given information on what you may expect to experience during the initial stages of recovery as your eyes heal and detailed advice on activities to avoid during this period. You will arrange a next day aftercare appointment and you are then free to leave at your own leisure. We would advise you then rest your eyes for the next few hours at home.


We build lasting relationships with our patients. That starts with your initial consultation, where we assess your suitability for the procedure, right through to your treatment and comprehensive aftercare.
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Treatment day

Whilst it's normal to be nervous you can be confident that Optical Express will provide you with the very best care and attention, helping you settle into your treatment day with ease.
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After care

You can rest assured that Optical Express will continue to look after you for as long as you need, providing comprehensive aftercare tailored to your individual needs.  
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“From my initial enquiry, to the treatment and then aftercare, the care, attention and service was excellent. I was certainly not just one of many through the door, the staff were utterly professional and courteous to me, as an individual.”

Adele Savage, Optical Express laser eye surgery patient.