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Your 2019 New Year resolution - look after your eyes!

Ever-busier lives, not enough hours in the day, the weeks rushing past...with demands on our time increasing, arranging your sigh test can get pushed to the bottom of a very large to-do list.

Making your health a priority can sometimes take a back seat, but as we look forward to the New Year, it's time to make a resolution that puts you first - booking that long overdue visit to your optician.

While you might feel that you can see perfectly, if your eyes haven't been tested for a few years there's the distinct possibility that you may not see quite as well as you think.

Eye tests protects your eye health and vision for the long term. It's generally recommended that you should have an eye exam every two years, though if you have a child who wears glasses, have a family history of glaucoma, wear contact lenses or are aged 70 or over, it may be recommended that you have them more frequently.

A trip to the optician can pick up early indications of eye conditions. Every patient who visits Optical Express and has a full eye test or pre-operative refractive surgery consultation receives their own personal i-Scan report. It includes details of the health, prescription and diagnostics of each eye, and the report and the specialised computer software required for its compilation was developed by the company's expert team.

Vision can gradually deteriorate without you noticing, and that can affect how you work, play and drive. Making an appointment with your optician for an eye examination will help you maintain your performance in the workplace, as well as keeping you and others safe on the road.

The test will show if you need glasses or contact lenses or if your prescription has changed. If you'd rather go glasses and contact lens-free, then market-leader Optical Express can check if you're suitable for laser eye or lens surgery to correct your prescription.

Why not make an appointment now? Ticking that sight test off your list means you'll see the world more clearly in 2019!

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