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Why you should be wearing sunglasses in Winter

Hat, gloves, scarf...sunglasses?

It might seem silly, but we have outlined a few reasons why you should definitely consider wearing sunglasses this Winter and it's not just because they look good.

Why sunglasses in Winter are important:

Overcast skies and low temperatures increase the danger of UV light, which can be very damaging to the eyes.

UV radiation is particularly aggressive from November to March. Sunlight is at its strongest between 10am - 3pm so there's a high chance you'll be exposed to its harmful rays.

What to look out for when buying sunglasses:

Look for the CE symbol on the frames - this making guarantees that the product provides at least 380 nm. An EU directive specifies this as the minimum standard level of protection. So, all prescription sunglasses should offer protection above 380 nm to filter out all dangerous UV waves.

That is why it's best to buy sunglasses at an Opticians. Random samples show again and again that spectacles sold by street vendors bear forged quality marks, and can cause health damage.

The sunglasses need to be sufficiently large, and they also need to fit the size and shape of your face. This is the only way to prevent light from entering the eyes from the side or from above.

Glare from ice and snow can be extremely damaging to eyes. As snow reflects 80% of the sun's rays, wearing sunglasses is a must - especially if you're on a snowy holiday.

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