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What is Eye Gound?

The time has come to address one of those all-important questions that almost everyone would like to know the answer to: what is eye gound? Well, first, it’s the formal term for eye gunk. Also known as ‘having sleep in your eyes’ or sleep sand. Second, it happens to everyone.

Eye gound is made from a type of rheum, which is found in our eyes, noses, and mouths. Most of the time eye gound is flushed away by our eyelids when we blink, but it builds up when we sleep because we blink less. It serves as a good indicator of eye health because any changes in colour, consistency, texture, or amount can be a sign of infection or allergies.

The Best Way to Remove Eye Gound

It might be tempting to use your nail or fingertip to remove eye gound in the morning, but it could lead to an eye infection or scratching your eye accidentally. The best way to remove it is to take a warm, wet flannel and press it to your eye, then gently it wipe away.

What to Do When You Notice Changes

Even though you’re always producing rheum to keep your eyes moisturized, you might notice changes when something isn’t quite right. Irritants, allergies, pink eye, or other infections might cause an increase in rheum, but there isn’t a defined level of ‘normal’ production. If you notice any change in amount or colour, or if your eyes become red or sensitive to light, see your local Optical Express optometrist to identify any issues. Don’t worry about grossing your optometrist out – they’ve seen it all.

If you notice any changes in your eyes, or if it’s been two years since your last eye test, book a free eye test at your local Optical Express store.

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