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Poor Vision Stopped Wesley From Doing What He Loved

Laser Eye Surgery Transforms Liverpool Police Trainer's Life

Wesley, a police staff trainer for the Cheshire police, can now carry out his job with the freedom of 20:20 vision, thanks to free laser eye surgery from Optical Express.

Wesley, who grew up in Liverpool, has struggled with short-sightedness for the last decade. Due to the extremely active nature of his work with the Cheshire police, his prescription glasses and contact lenses became a burden.

Whilst holding training sessions for senior police officers, Wesley was forced to battle with sore, exhausted eyes and the inconvenience of glasses.

Wesley is also a retired professional boxer. During his most important fights, his poor vision would significantly increase the risks involved with boxing and affect his performance.

Wesley would pay £25 a month to help fund his eyesight and in return he received two pairs of glasses per year, setting him back over £300.

Frustrated with the problems his eyesight brought to both his personal and professional life, Wesley signed up for the Optical Express Thanks a Million campaign and was given free laser eye surgery in both eyes. Commenting on his new vision, Wesley said: “I feel so lucky to have received life changing laser eye surgery because wearing glasses made my high intensity job extremely difficult. I’ve always considered getting the surgery, but it wasn’t until I got the call from Optical Express that it became a reality.”

Alongside the personal benefits, the surgery has also reduced his impact on the environment. Contact lenses are huge contributors to the increasing problem with single-use plastic, with almost all contact lenses ending up in landfill.   

David Moulsdale, Optical Express, Chairman and CEO says: “New figures from Optical Express, suggest that over 750 million plastic lenses are being flushed down the drain or put in landfill every year. Laser eye surgery is an alternative option to vastly reduce waste caused by these single-use plastics.”

Wesley will be attending his mother in law’s wedding in May this year, where he will finally be able to enjoy the special occasion glasses free.

The surgery was gifted to the dedicated staff trainer as part the Optical Express Thanks a Million campaign, which rewards NHS and emergency service workers with free laser eye surgery.

Following a survey of members of the British public, the Thanks a Million campaign rewarded free laser eye surgery to deserving members of the NHS and emergency service workers because the survey found that they are the most deserving of thanks. 

David Moulsdale, Optical Express, Chairman and CEO said: “We are very pleased to know that we have helped to improve Wesley’s daily life and the efficiency of the Cheshire Police. Our campaign’s aim is to pay our respects to the most heroic members of our society through the gift of sight.”