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Almost half of fans at Wembley won't have their eyes on the ball

Almost half of the 90,000 football fans who descend on Wembley this weekend to see their teams compete in the FA Cup Semi-Finals could be in danger of missing their club’s moment of glory.

Recent research shows that 40% of adults* in the UK are failing to have regular eye tests – meaning that it might not just be the referee who doesn’t have a clear view of the big match this weekend.

Up to 36,000 fans at each showpiece game, which feature Arsenal v Reading (Saturday) and Aston Villa v Liverpool (Sunday) will be squinting to see the famous Wembley pitch. More worryingly, having a blurry view of their team taking another step towards FA Cup glory could be the least of their concerns.

Failure to undergo regular eye tests means that many vision problems go undiagnosed and can lead to more serious health complications if left undetected.

Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express, is urging fans to follow up their walk down Wembley Way with a trip to the optician.

He said: “Regular eye examinations play an extremely important role in assessing a person’s eye and general health. Early detection of many conditions mean that they can be quickly and effectively corrected.

“Visitors to our clinics regularly report that they struggle to see at sporting events. Why take the risk of not getting the best view and most vivid memory of what could be a great day for you and your club?

“Spectacles, contact lenses or eye surgery procedures such as LASIK can significantly improve your vision, and subsequently your enjoyment of life.”

Regardless of the result on the pitch this weekend, fans are on to a winner with Optical Express. Every fan who presents a ticket from this weekend’s FA Cup Semi-Finals at their local Optical Express clinic until April 30th will score a 10% discount on products, procedures and tests.

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