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Ugandan children see bright future thanks to British book donation

Over 1,000 specialist books to help improve early detection of vision issues in children will be distributed throughout northern Uganda thanks to Optical Express, a leading UK eye care provider.  Milton Keynes based charity, Lightforce International, will receive the books in support of their international work in the Lira region of Uganda.

‘Eye See a Dragon in the Glen’ tells the simple story of a little Troll hunting in the Highlands. Importantly, the book was designed to include two key vision checks: a visual acuity test to check that both eyes see clearly; and a suppression test with 3D glasses to check both eyes are working well together. The tests were validated by Glasgow Caledonian University Vision Science Team.

LightForce International will tour the Lira district in Uganda educating teachers to use the books to identify sight issues in children. Optical Express have already donated a copy of ‘Eye See a Dragon in the Glen’ to every library in Scotland with an additional 100 copies to Scottish charity, CHILDREN 1st, as part of their commitment to improve children’s eye care.

George Ridley, International Director at Lightforce International, said: “We are incredibly pleased to be receiving the donation of these books from Optical Express. The simple but effective use of the book will allow us to educate teachers across an impoverished region to spot early eyesight problems in the children they teach.

“We do what we do because there are many children in need around the world who need the hope of a better future. These health issues would otherwise go undetected as eye care resources in the region are scarce.”

Dasi Raju, a clinical director from Optical Express commented:

“We are totally committed to helping educate parents, teachers and families on the importance of children’s eye health, so when we learned we could help LightForce International we didn’t hesitate to get involved. It is extremely important that as many children as possible have access to this book which we know can improve early detection of vision issues which traditionally has been a real challenge.

By donating more than 1000 books LightForce International we hope the positive benefits of the book will take effect on as many children as possible in the Lira region.”

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