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Top Tips for Treating Eye Allergies

What is an allergy?

An allergy is our immune system’s hypersensitive response to a substance (outdoors or indoors). Whatever the substance may be (pollen, food, animals, etc.) the immune system responds by triggering a specific type of reaction.

This immune response may result in red, itchy and swollen eyes.  Our tear film and vision can be affected by substances that we are allergic to.

There are two types of eye allergies:

  1. Seasonal – These allergies happen at certain times in the year, usually Spring and Summer.
  2. Perennial – These allergies happen all year round, majority of the time are household or animal related (dust mites, cats, dogs, etc.)

How to help treat eye allergies?

  • Avoid the foreign substance.

When you become aware of an allergy towards something, the best action you can take is to try and avoid it at all costs.  The difficulty can be identifying what is causing the allergy. When symptoms that could be an allergy present it is worth considering where you have been or what you have recently changed.  Have you for example been around animals, changed washing substance or used a different make-up.

  • Eye Drops

If you are unable to avoid the substance, then consider using eye drops. Speak to your optometrist, pharmacist or health care provider about what is the best option for you.  There are different types of eye drop that may be of benefit to you. 

  • Oral Medicines

Antihistamines can help control your symptoms, but they may cause your eyes to dry out. Speak to your optometrist about the best course of action.  Combination therapy may be required. 

  • Allergy shots

If you are looking for a more effective way of treating allergies, you could look into getting an allergy shot which are regular injections over a period of time that may stop or reduce allergic reactions.

  • At-Home Remedies

If seasonal consider wearing your sunglasses when going outdoors. Keep the windows of your home/car closed. Use special pillow cases that keep dust mites out and wash bedding frequently in hot water. Use cool compresses instead of rubbing your eyes.

If you suffer with allergic reactions and are worried about your eye health, book in for an eye examination at your nearest Optical Express clinic. It is recommended that you get an eye examination every two years, however, your optometrist may increase this depending on your eye examination.


Disclaimer: this information is for educational purposes only. You, the reader, assume full responsibility for how you choose to use it.

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