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Tips for Safe Driving as You Age

Our eyes age as we get older, and that means our driving abilities can change as well. It becomes increasingly important to make sure that we take greater care with our driving, especially since there are many factors, like medication, hearing loss, and vision impairments that can impact our road skills. There are tips to keep in mind that can help ensure safety when driving.

Always wear your seatbelt
This should go without saying! Always wear your seatbelt while in a car for safety.

Avoid driving at night and don't tint your windows
Darkness and tinted windows make it harder to see clearly, so it’s best to minimize them if you’re worried about your eyesight while driving.

Limit distracting noise inside the vehicle
As tempting as the radio may be, background or distracting noise limit our ability to focus on the road while driving. Background noise also includes conversations with passengers and use of mobile phones.

Practice road safety
Always keep a safe distance between you and other cars ahead so you that you have lots of time to brake safely.

Carefully check medication labels
Checking medication labels is always recommended, especially when it comes to potential impact on your vision. But, as your eyes age, it becomes vital to check your medication regularly to see if they might affect driving skills.

Get regular eye tests

Make sure you get regular vision tests with your local optometrist. As you get older, it becomes even more important to regularly check your eyesight, especially if you are worried about driving. It is recommended to have an eye test every two years.

As long as you follow road safety and get regular eye tests, most people will be able to continue driving as they get older. If you’re concerned about the state of your eyes when it comes to driving, or it’s been two years since your last eye test, stop by your local Optical Express clinic to talk to an Optometrist.

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