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10 things you won’t miss after LASIK laser eye surgery

Some things our LASIK patients don’t miss.

Most people who have LASIK at Optical Express tell us the same thing. They wish they’d had it sooner, because the freedom it brings is the best feeling in the world.

Before surgery, they also let us know the reasons they’re looking to have the life-changing procedure. Small irritations that are part and parcel of life with spectacles and contact lenses have got progressively more and more annoying until they’ve decided that enough is enough. The glasses have to go, and the contacts must be cast aside.

  1. Having multiple pairs of reading glasses in the house, in handbags, at work…

  2. Increasing the text size on mobile phones, making it larger and larger to be able to read the messages

  3. Steamed-up glasses when going indoors from cold to warm

  4. Squealing in pain as a caught hair’s plucked from the scalp while removing glasses

  5. Taking multiple pairs of contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses on holiday every year

  6. Checking the menu online in advance of a date at a romantically-lit restaurant. Small print + dim lighting = can’t read

  7. Forgetting to remove contact lenses before bed, and waking up with red eyes next day

  8. Having to use a magnifying mirror to apply makeup or shave

  9. Constantly drying glasses off when it rains

  10. Spending money on glasses and contact lenses, when it could have been used for holidays, a new car, the latest smartphone, or a thousand other little luxuries

If you can relate to one or more of the niggles that are part and parcel of wearing glasses and contact lenses, then LASIK laser eye surgery could be the answer you’re looking for. Find out more by booking a free, no-obligation consultation at Optical Express. Visit or call us on 0800 023 2020 for more information.

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