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Revealed: Shocking impact of nicotine vapes on eye health

Eye care experts Optical Express have sounded the alarm about the unexpected consequences disposable vapes can have on eye health, following reports that the Government is considering banning them.

Vapes, otherwise known as e-cigarettes, are regularly used by a whopping 4.3 million Brits – but most do not know about the shocking effects they can have on eye health. Optical Express, however, has exposed the astonishing visual damage which disposable vapes can cause, ahead of a potential Government ban which could be announced as early as next week.

With the number of children trying vapes rising by 50% since last year, Members of Parliament are being urged to restrict these products, amid widespread concerns that young people are getting lured into buying brightly packaged e-cigarettes, available in flavours such as cotton candy. With National Eye Health Week taking place this week, here are some of the little-known impacts which this increasingly common habit can have on the eyes:   

Vaping can increase your likelihood of developing cataracts earlier in life.

Cataracts are a fogging or clouding of the lens in the eye that reduces vision and can lead to significant vision loss, even blindness, when left untreated. Most people do not develop them until later in life – but Optical Express has revealed that cataracts may come at a younger age for people who vape regularly, with e-cigarettes particularly popular among under 25s.

Vaping can cause dry eye.

One near-term effect of vaping is dry eye. This causes the eyes to go red and become itchy, often hurting when you blink. Vape users could also be more sensitive to bright lights because of how their habit stops the eyes from producing enough moisture.

Vaping can increase your chances of getting glaucoma.

For most people, glaucoma usually occurs later in life. Vape users, however, could suffer from its unwelcome effects much sooner if they fail to kick their e-cigarette habit. Glaucoma seriously reduces vision and, if left untreated, can lead to permanent blindness.  It is known as a silent killer of vision.

Dr David Teenan, Leading Ophthalmologist and UK Medical Director at Optical Express, explains further: “With more Brits than ever before now using e-cigarettes, and many calling for disposable vapes to be banned outright, we’re lifting the lid on the shocking and dangerous impact that these products can have on your eyes.

As the number of people using vapes continues to swell out of control, anyone tempted to take up the habit should be warned that, in the worst cases, it can lead to permanent sight loss.”

If you are worried about your vision due to vaping or just in general, book an eye test today at one of our state of the art clinics across the UK.

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