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Optical Express raise £1,557 for local boy's new wheelchair

Optical Express raises over £1,500 for two-year-old local boy, Max McCorkindale, from Greenock, to help buy him a brand-new wheelchair. 

Max, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), relies on his wheelchair in all aspects of his day-to-day life for mobility and independence. So when Max had outgrown his current chair, which was on loan from a local charity, Max’s family were faced with a prospective bill of £6,000 to buy a new one.

SMA is a rare genetic condition which causes muscle weakness, resulting in the inability to stand up or move around. There are several types of SMA, which start at different ages with some types cause more serious problems than others, and there is currently no cure.

Staff at Optical Express, where Max’s mother works as an optometrist, generously volunteered to work an extra day unpaid, with their day’s salary donated to help Max reach his target.

Seeing Max’s plight and the generosity of staff members at clinics around the country, Optical Express pledged to match the staff’s contribution £1 for £1, to help fund a new wheelchair for Max.

Noelle Hamilton, Clinical Director for Scotland, who presented Max and his mum, Claire, with a cheque on behalf of Optical Express, commented: “Max is a charming and lively character, who needed a new wheelchair in order to retain his independence and allow him to lead as normal a life as possible. 

“Our optometrists not just at the Greenock clinic, but all around Scotland, were so moved by his story that they wanted to do all they could to help reach his target. We’re delighted that our fundraising initiative raised a total of £1,557 towards his goal.”

Claire McCorkindale, Max’s mum, said: “Max is such a special little boy and we are truly grateful that the staff at Optical Express gave up their time and money to help raise the funds needed to buy a new wheelchair.

“It provides him with so much independence, such as riding around in the park, chasing his friends and moving around the house. We’re really excited to see how much Max loves his new wheels!”

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