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Optical Express invests over £3million in new Bristol clinic

Britain’s leading provider of eye care, Optical Express, has opened a brand new, state of the art clinic in the heart of Bristol. £3 million has been invested into the clinic to make sure that it offers truly exceptional quality and service.

The new 7,600sq/ft site on Lower Castle Street, near Cabot Circus, offers a range of services—from glasses and contact lenses to laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery.

Optical Express Castlemead: laser eye clinic at the forefront of technology

On the ninth floor of the iconic Castlemead building in Bristol city centre, the purpose-built facility has several operating theatres and consultations rooms. It’s one of the most well-equipped in the region.

It was created to meet the growing demand for laser eye and lens surgery experienced by local clinics. More patients than ever are looking to improve their vision with laser eye surgery and this new clinic will allow Optical Express to transform the eyesight of more people than ever.

The facility is home to some of the most advanced technology available in the industry such as the Intralase iFS 150, VISX S4IR and  iDesign.

The new Optical Express Castlemead site is the only clinic in Bristol that offers locals both laser and lens surgery, as well as more traditional optical services, like eye tests and contact lens appointments.

Lens replacement surgery, for instance, is proving particularly popular in the South West. Perfect if your prescription is too high to be treated by laser eye surgery, or if your eyesight is starting to get worse because of age, it can also be used to treat cataracts.

In the surgery, a small lens in put into your eye. It’s like a contact lens but it can’t be seen or felt. It’s left in your eye permanently, improving your vision.

People who live in Bristol now have access to the highest quality eye health consultations, treatment and aftercare—right on their doorstep.

Continued investment in the South West and Midlands

The new Castlemead clinic reflects Optical Express’ continued investment in the South West and Midlands—the £3 million investment in the South West comes just three months after opening a similar new clinic in Birmingham City Centre.

David Moulsdale, chairman and CEO of Optical Express, said: “In response to the increasing demand for our services, we are very proud to be expanding our eye surgery options to our patients in the South West.

“Investment in the latest Centre of Excellence clinic demonstrates Optical Express’ ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality of eye care in Bristol.

“The new clinic offers the latest in diagnostic screening and treatment technologies that revolutionise the way we detect and treat eye conditions such as poor vision, dry eyes or cataracts.

“Laser eye and lens implant surgery has a huge impact on the lives of patients, allowing the vast majority of them to live a glasses free life. Anyone interested in learning more about life-changing laser eye surgery or lens implant surgery can benefit from a free consultation at Optical Express in Bristol.”

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