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Optical Express gives young Darcey glasses boost

Young Darcey Docherty has been given a renewed sense of confidence in wearing glasses by opticians, Optical Express who presented the youngster with a pair of new glasses.

Last month the four-year-old became a viral sensation after saying she was ashamed to wear her glasses outside of the house. Her dad, James, posted a picture of Darcey in her glasses on Twitter. Soon after uploading the snap, the family was flooded with thousands of heartfelt responses with strangers and well wishes encouraging the youngster and sharing photos of themselves in their specs.

Eye care specialist, Optical Express, whose head office is based in Glasgow saw James’ tweet and was touched by the story. In a desire to give the youngster a renewed sense of confidence and show her there was no shame in wearing glasses, she was invited to the Glasgow clinic to pick out a brand-new pair of spectacles. Pink-loving Darcey unsurprisingly chose a pair of pink Barbie glasses.

David Shirra, spokesperson for Optical Express said: “We were touched when we saw Darcey’s story and wanted to do something to make Darcey love her glasses and feel like the true superhero that she is.

“Our Glasgow clinic spent the morning with Darcey showing her a range of colours and designs to prove that glasses are cool. We wanted to make Darcey’s day extra special, so we treated her to having her nails painted in the same matching Barbie pink. Darcey also enjoyed afternoon tea with her family at 200 SVS on us.”

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