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New Year Health-volution

Health conscious Brits pledge to make 2020 the healthiest year yet.

  • 76% people make new year resolutions about their health
  • Three quarters of those making resolutions expect to stick to them longer than last year (75%)
  • 1 in 10 looking to go vegan and two thirds of these are millennials

Three quarters of the nation have pledged to have the most health-conscious year ever, as Brits have revealed they are looking to make 2020 resolutions focused on their physical and mental health.

Losing weight, eating more healthily and meditating more proved to be the most popular type of resolutions, accounting for 71% of those healthy resolutions. 

Veganuary also featured highly with one in 10 planning on making longer term changes and switching to a vegan diet long term, and of these it’s the millennials leading the vegan charge with two thirds of those making this pledge aged under 30.

A national poll conducted by Optical Express also revealed that 75% people are highly confident they will keep their resolution up longer than a month, rather than the usual couple of weeks typically reported.

15% of people pledged to change their appearance and with the start of a new decade, people cited getting rid of their glasses as a way of transforming the way they look and feel. “Getting laser eye surgery’ and ‘changing their makeup routine’ were some of the ways people suggested they’d revamp their look for the New Year. 

Whilst ‘become fluent in Turkish’, ‘grow an inch’, ‘move to Australia’, ‘get pregnant’ and ‘eat pickled onions’ were revealed as some of the more weird and wonderful ambitions of Brits for 2020, it’s the ones that will genuinely make a difference to our overall health and wellbeing that are making us dedicated to sticking to them.

Regionally, it was people from Oxford that were revealed to be most likely (52%) to set themselves resolutions than anywhere else in the country. Unsurprisingly it was also revealed to be the city most likely to break a New Year’s resolution, followed closely by Cardiff and Swansea. While only one in four (25%) people from Aberystwyth have ever broken a resolution.

Mary-Frances Kelly, Marketing Manager at Optical Express, said: “New Year’s resolutions can be an unachievable goal for many, with only one in 10 (12%) of the people we polled saying they were able to stick to them indefinitely despite our good intentions.

“There are many reasons why people don’t stick to them, whether that’s simply being over ambitious with their goal or lacking the will power to keep up with them. 

“However, the best way to achieve a goal is to pick something that’s realistically achievable and can become part of your day-to-day life. As one in 10 (15%) plan to change their appearance, an easy way to do this would be to stop wearing glasses which could be achieved by laser eye surgery, resulting in potentially 20/20 vision for 2020 and beyond.”

Top 10 most weird and wonderful New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Eat pickled onions
  2. Grow an inch
  3. Celibacy
  4. Become fluent in Turkish
  5. Break up/get divorced
  6. Focusing on my religion
  7. Get pregnant
  8. Vote for Brexit Party
  9. Buy a “used” Porsche 924
  10. Move to Australia

Why not make 20/20 vision your New Year resolution?!

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