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·         6 in 10 glasses wearers ditch their specs on holiday in an effort to look ‘cooler’

·         Switching between glasses and sunglasses is Brits biggest bugbear when holidaying

·         Ditching glasses can result in long-term damage to eyesight, experts warn

More than 27 million Brits risk worsening their vision when on holiday, by ditching their glasses in an effort to look ‘cooler’, new national research has revealed1

The study, conducted by Optical Express ahead of the summer season, revealed more than six in ten (66%) glasses and contact lens wearers often avoid wearing these when on holiday, with playing in the pool and looking good in holiday pictures amongst the top reasons for doing so.

This rises to almost eight in ten for those in the Gen Z bracket, with a staggering 79% of fashion-conscious youngsters putting social media snaps ahead of their need for glasses or contact lenses.

With around 48 million people in the UK wearing glasses or contact lenses2, that means an estimated 27 million Brits are potentially risking worsening their vision when on holiday this summer.

What’s more, almost seven in ten admitted that going on holiday would be much easier if they didn’t have to wear their glasses or contact lenses, with switching between glasses and sunglasses being the biggest bugbear for Brits (28%). 

Whilst wearing your glasses can sometimes be a hassle on holiday, experts have warned against neglecting to wear glasses or contact lenses. Not only can one cause harm to themselves or others, but they will also run the risk of creating further long-term damage to their eyesight.  

With the inevitable search for sun for holidaying Brits comes an increase in UV levels which we may not be used to. This can affect our eyes and eyesight in numerous ways with some longer-term impacts including, cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis – a condition caused by exposure to UV rays.

Expert Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express, said: “Wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a real hassle for patients when on holiday. There’s lots of little things that can cause unnecessary stress, from struggling to see whilst in the pool, or even getting glasses tan lines on your head! 

“However, not wearing your glasses or contact lenses when an eye expert has recommended to do so can cause serious damage to the long-term health of your eyes. 

“We speak to a lot of people who are looking for alternative vision correction options to wearing glasses, which can also offer a long-term care solution. Objectively Laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery may do this, correcting poor vision and giving patients freedom from wearing their glasses and contact lenses. 

“Laser eye surgery is a relatively simple procedure that can take anything from a matter of seconds to just a few minutes, depending upon the level of correction that’s required, while lens replacement surgery is typically completed in less than 15 minutes per eye.

“Laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery can correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. In addition modern day multifocal IOLs implanted during lens replacement surgery can correct for a close vision shortfall known as presbyopia. 

“With the summer holidays fast approaching, now might be the time to consider an alternative to your glasses or contact lenses. Around 90% of people who visit Optical Express for a complimentary consultation are suitable for a procedure, so it’s definitely worth reaching out to your local clinic ahead of your summer holidays.”

If you would like to speak to someone about your vision or eye health, visit your local Optical Express for a free consultation for vision correction surgery, book your appointment today.

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