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World’s first daily disposable flat pack contact lens arrives at Optical Express!

Optical Express is excited to introduce the new Miru 1 day flat pack contact lenses by Menicon.

Miru 1 day contact lenses have the world’s thinnest packaging for daily disposable contact lenses without the usual blister-pack shape. The light-weight packaging is extremely portable, excellent for travel, sport etc. and can be easily stored in a wallet, purse or pocket.

The easy-open design means that the outer surface of the lens is always facing up, ready to be picked up by the patient. This eliminates confusion over lens orientation and more importantly reduces the chances of the patient touching the inner surface of the lens which will then come into contact with their eye.

Miru 1 day’s biomimetic lens material works naturally in the eye to ensure maximum wettability and moisture retention, providing greater comfort for wearers.

How does this benefit our patients?

Whether you're planning or are already days away from your summer holidays, the new Miru 1 contact lenses can be your perfect travel companion!

  • Each foil contains only 0.2ml of solution so there’s less potential of spillage – perfect if you are travelling long haul and need to change your contact lenses on the go
  • One strip contains three contact lenses and is less than 0.004” thick. It makes them easy to pack and extremely portable – this means more room to fit in the flippers and snorkel
  • For some patients who may be jet lagged with their travels, they provide better comfort and less dryness thanks to their ability to naturally bond with tears

For more information or to try these fantastic new lenses don’t hesitate to visit your local Optical Express clinic and speak to one of their friendly clinicians: Tel 0800 023 2020


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