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Midwife saves hundreds of pounds and can now get married

A 28-year-old midwife from Cheshire, has managed to bank hundreds of pounds in time for her wedding by receiving 20/20 vision.

Charlotte's life was changed last month when she was able to finally pay off her wedding from the money she saved thanks to receiving free laser eye surgery from Optical Express. Charlotte signed up for the leading eye care expert’s Thanks a Million campaign, which rewards free laser eye surgery to emergency service and NHS workers.

Commenting on life before the surgery Charlotte said: “Wearing glasses was a pain, I would spend hundreds of pounds a year buying new pairs as my hectic job often meant I accidentally broke them. I also moved to monthly contact lenses, all of which made it difficult to actually save any money for my upcoming wedding.”

Since having laser eye surgery in both eyes, Charlotte no longer worries about breaking her glasses or buying new contact lenses.

Charlotte said: “Having laser eye surgery has completely transformed my life, my vision is even better than when I wore contact lenses. I am getting married next month and I’ve even been able to book my dream honeymoon to Florence and Rome.”

Following a survey of members of the British public, the Thanks a Million campaign rewarded free laser eye surgery to deserving members of the NHS and emergency service workers because the survey found that they are the most deserving of thanks.

Dawn Kondol, Head of People at Optical Express, said: “We are delighted to hear the impact laser eye surgery has had on Charlotte’s personal and working life. Not only will Charlotte be able to enjoy visual freedom without the use of her glasses and contact lenses, she has also done her part to help the environment. Daily disposable contact lenses are not biodegradable and are commonly made from hydrogel, silicone hydrogel, or on-hydrogel variants which are having a significant negative impact on the environment.  Laser eye surgery is an alternative option to vastly reduce waste caused by these single-use plastics.

“As a nation we all share a great sense of pride in our emergency services, and the British public told us that they believe these amazing men and women deserve the most thanks – and we wholeheartedly agree.

“We wanted to reward them in our own special way by providing free treatment, to help improve the lives of these everyday heroes. Over the coming months our goal is to offer some of the hardest working people the freedom of having better than 20/20 vision, without the barrier of their glasses or contact lenses. 

“We’re delighted to have given so many deserving people free laser eye surgery through the Thanks a Million campaign, and we are looking forward to continuing to improve lives.”

Optical Express launched its Thanks a Million campaign, offering NHS workers free laser eye surgery, following a national survey of 2,000 Brits commissioned by Optical Express, which found that people who dedicate their lives to public service 'are most deserving of our thanks'.

To learn more about the Thanks a Million campaign, and hear first-hand how those treated have benefited from free Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express, view their patient testimonials online here.

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