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“Laser eye surgery has enabled me to be more efficient in A&E."

Janet, aged 54, from Cleveland, Middlesbrough is one of the hundreds of grateful emergency service workers who have been given free laser eye surgery.

Janet, a nurse, was rewarded Lasik surgery in both eyes by Optical Express as part of its Thanks a Million Campaign, which gifted £1million of laser eye surgery to deserving NHS and emergency service workers.

Before the surgery, Janet would wear varifocals meaning she would regularly crane her neck to check the detailed patient notes on the screen and would struggle to read exercise machines at the gym as she tried to keep fit after work.

Due to the sterile environment of A&E, Janet could not wear her glasses when delivering CPR or when she did wear glasses, she would recall countless times when they would slip off her nose and having to ask one of her colleagues to push them back up.

These issues, coupled with the high cost of glasses and constantly losing them on the ward made the life-saving nurse sign up to Optical Express’ Thanks a Million campaign.

Since the life-changing surgery, Janet can now see much better and her vision has become more defined. It has made her much more effective at work, due to no longer worrying about her glasses falling off or losing them.

Commenting on her transformed vision Janet said: “My eyesight has given me a much better quality of life and I am able to work much more efficiently on the ward, respond quickly to emergency situations and not spend time looking for my glasses, meaning I can fully focus on saving lives.”

Dawn, Head of HR at Optical Express, said: “We are delighted to hear the impact Lasik eye surgery has had on Janet’s working and personal life. As a nation, we all share a great sense of pride in our emergency services, and the British public told us that they believe these amazing men and women deserve the most thanks – and we wholeheartedly agree.

“We wanted to reward them in our own special way by providing free treatment, to help improve the lives of these everyday heroes. Over the coming months, our goal is to offer more of the hardest working people the freedom of having better than 20/20 vision, without the barrier of their glasses or contact lenses. 

“We’re delighted to have given so many deserving people free laser eye surgery through the Thanks a Million campaign, and we are looking forward to continuing to improve lives.”

The Thanks a Million campaign followed a national survey of 2,000 Brits commissioned by Optical Express, which found that people who dedicate their lives to public service 'are most deserving of our thanks'.

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