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“Glasses got in the way of giving CPR”

Laser eye surgery transforms A&E Nurse’s life

Rose. an A&E nurse at Leeds General Infirmary, has been given the gift of 20|20 vision thanks to free laser eye surgery from Optical Express.

Having struggled with poor vision since the age of 11, the staff nurse from Batley would rely on strong prescription glasses and daily contacts lenses to help carry out everyday tasks.

The fast-paced, unpredictable nature of A&E meant that contact lenses weren’t appropriate, especially during 12-hour night shifts. To avoid unnecessary trips to apply eye drops at work, wearing bulky prescription glasses was the only option.

On more than one occasion, when responding to a patient with life-saving CPR, Rose said: “My glasses would slide down my nose and get in the way of chest compressions. My colleagues would have to intervene and make sure they didn’t fall onto the patient.”

After struggling with her eye-sight at work, Rose signed up for Optical Express’ Thanks a Million campaign and was given LASIK eye surgery in both eyes. Commenting on her new 20|20 vision, Rose said: “I thought the call was a hoax at first! Thank god it wasn’t, just days after my surgery my sight was better than when I was wearing contact lenses or glasses. All the small things you take for granted are made so much easier with perfect vision.”

Laser eye surgery also allows Rose to save a further £800 a year. Before surgery, Rose’s annual prescription glasses renewal would set her back over £200, on top of her monthly contact lens fee of £50.

Since having laser eye surgery, Rose is massively reducing her impact on the environment. Contact lenses are considered single use plastics which are having a huge, but often overlooked impact on the environment.

David Moulsdale, Optical Express, Chairman and CEO says: “New figures from Optical Express, suggest that over 750 million plastic lenses are being flushed down the drain or put in landfill every year. Laser eye surgery is an alternative option to vastly reduce waste caused by these single-use plastics.”

The surgery was gifted to the dedicated nurse as part of Optical Express’ Thanks a Million campaign, which rewards NHS and emergency service workers with free laser eye surgery. The campaign began in 2017 and set out to gift £1million worth of laser eye surgery.

Following a survey of members of the British public, the Thanks a Million campaign rewarded free laser eye surgery to deserving members of the NHS and emergency service workers because the survey found that they are the most deserving of thanks.

David Moulsdale, Optical Express, Chairman and CEO said: “We are very pleased to know that laser eye surgery has positively transformed Rose’ personal and professional life.

“Our campaign’s aim is to pay our respects to the most heroic members of our society through the gift of sight.

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