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5 questions you should ask about lasik

The facts you need to start your LASIK journey

Making the decision to have laser eye surgery can take time. At Optical Express, we feel it’s crucial that you have all the facts you need to be sure it’s right for you, so we’ve put together the answers to five very common questions about LASIK.

Is laser eye surgery safe?

It’s the most popular elective surgery in the world, with more than 40 million people having had the procedure. While every surgical procedure has an element of risk, laser eye surgery’s record is impressive and the results can be life-changing.

How experienced are the surgeons at Optical Express?

Across their careers, our expert refractive surgeons have each completed thousands of treatments. They’re leaders in their field. We know how vital it is for our patients to have confidence in the skills of their surgeon, so we’ve created profiles of each one on our website at

What technology is used at Optical Express?

We only use the best technology for our procedures. In fact, each one of our clinics has such advanced laser technology that it’s the same type NASA has approved for its astronauts.

The results from LASIK laser eye surgery at Optical Express can be enhanced by diagnostic technology called iDesign. It’s revolutionary, detecting more than 1200 minute imperfections on the eye. iDesign allows us to correct prescriptions to a higher degree and treat more complex cases than ever before.

Will laser eye surgery hurt?

Anaesthetic drops are used to numb the eye before the procedure, so the vast majority of Optical Express patients experience no pain at all. After the treatment, some discomfort may be felt as the eye starts to heal. This doesn’t last, and you’ll notice real changes in the standard of your vision in just a few days.

What results can I expect after surgery?

99.1% of our LASIK iDesign patients achieve 20|20 vision or better, and 100% achieve driving standard vision.

It’s only natural to have questions about laser eye surgery. Find more information on LASIK at or call our friendly team on 0800 023 2020.

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