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Famous faces who've had laser eye surgery

Elton John

Surprisingly for a man famous for his flamboyant specs Sir Elton corrected his vision with laser eye surgery over 16 years ago. Despite now having visual freedom he isn't letting his collection of 4000 glasses go to waste and still wears them whilst performing to maintain his trademark look!

Philip Schofield

Morning television favourite Phil has spoken enthusiastically about the difference laser eye surgery has made to his life. Famous for his on-screen rapport with co-host Holly Willoughby, Phil shared his experience on their 'This Morning' show and described the treatment as 'life-changing.'

Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress' vision was so bad that she claims that she was almost legally blind. The prospect of having to wear glasses to read her Academy Award acceptance speech prompted Kidman to take action. "Now I have 20-20 vision," she said after her treatment.

Brad Pitt

Fed up with being unable to recognise people when he met them Pitt decided to get laser eye surgery. Voted more than once as the world's sexiest man, Pitt looks good with or without glasses but valued the freedom laser eye surgery gave him.

Tiger Woods

One of the all-time great players, Tiger Woods is a golfing legend. His attention to detail and desire to gain every advantage led him to have laser eye surgery back in 1999. Following the surgery, he went on to enjoy an immediate upturn in performance and success. He was so convinced that the treatment improved his game that he had a top-up procedure some years later to maintain the standard of vision he had come to enjoy.

Courtney Cox

Famous as the neurotic Monica Gellor from friends, Courtney Cox found she had less anxiety in her own life following laser eye surgery in 1999. "I don't have to panic when I do a visual presentation anymore, because I can read the teleprompter instead of memorising everything!" She said "Having the surgery was the easiest and most effortless thing I have ever done."

Kim Kardashian

The image-conscious Kardashian has frequently posted pictures of herself wearing glasses on social media, however, the reality TV star has no need for the following laser eye treatment. She may sometimes like the look glasses can create, but once the photos are done Kim can take them off with confidence.

Cindy Crawford

The hugely successful 90's supermodel starred in a multitude of adverts and stole Richard Gere's heart. Cindy however always had a problem with contact lenses. With hours in make-up irritating her contact lenses she found the gruelling preparation of photo shoots impossible until she had laser eye surgery. "The procedure was painless and I can see so much clearer now," she says. "It's great to wake up in the middle of the night and be able to see the alarm clock, to watch television, to be able to drive without glasses or contacts... I would recommend it to anyone."

Richard Branson

'Screw it let's do it' is a moto by which Branson has lived his life. He had the same approach when it came to laser eye surgery. When he realised his life would be enhanced by the treatment he had no hesitation. He now enjoys the visual freedom to pilot his hot air balloon and swim with sharks without worrying about contact lenses or glasses.

Laser eye surgery is a life-changing treatment, but it's not just the rich and famous who can enjoy the benefits.

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