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Emmerdale Character Has Eye Health Scare

Anyone who caught Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale will have seen that one of the lead characters Adam Barton had a health scare relating to his eyes.

During the episode Adam revealed to his cousin that he’d been experiencing blurred vision.

Emmerdale viewers watched as Adam then went to A&E to have his eyes checked, with many viewers taking to Twitter to point out that Adam should have in fact gone to his opticians, where an Optometrist could have carried out a full and thorough eye examination.

Adam was diagnosed with Iritis, a painful inflammation of the iris, the coloured portion of the eye. It’s been known to cause extreme pain, light sensitivity and sight loss.  It can be associated with general health conditions.  Early diagnosis and management is important.

Stephen Hannan, our Clinical Services Director said “If you’re experiencing blurred vision, we always recommend that you visit your local Optometrist for an eye examination in the first instance. There are various eye and general health issues that can cause blurred vision and your Optical Express Optometrist who specialises in assessing your vision and eye health will be able to examine you, assist in making a diagnosis and recommend treatment straight away.”

 “If you do experience extreme pain like Adam did in the Emmerdale episode and need urgent attention, of course do visit your local A&E for assistance if out of hours, however if during the day, visit your opticians for an assessment with an Optometrist in the first instance.”

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