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Oliver Mundell MSP opens new Optical Express clinic in Dumfries Town Centre

Oliver Mundell MSP opens new Optical Express clinic in Dumfries Town Centre

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has officially opened a new Optical Express eye clinic in Dumfries town centre. The new eye clinic will bring an important new health service to the centre of the town, providing Dumfries residents and the local community with access to high quality eye care services without needing to travel.

The new clinic represents a major vote of confidence in the town of Dumfries, and will support the regeneration of the high street and town centre. Optical Express is the UK’s only complete eye care provider, and the UK’s leading provider of laser eye surgery, lens replacement surgery and private cataract surgery. The firm’s investment in Dumfries recognises the significant potential of the town and the expected growth of the region.

Added capacity for eye care at Optical Express’s new Dumfries clinic will help to alleviate demand on the local NHS services at a time when they are under increased pressure.

The new clinic in Dumfries will offer patient consultations for cataract treatment locally, increasing capacity in the community and helping to reduce lengthy NHS waiting times in the area. The backlog of patients awaiting NHS eye care services is a longstanding issue but the pandemic has made the problem significantly worse. The risk is particularly acute for those awaiting surgery for cataracts, a condition which most commonly worsens over time and can eventually cause blindness if not treated.  Left untreated, patients with cataract risk becoming unable to undertake many everyday tasks. This can have an impact on a patient’s mental health.  Patients at the clinic will benefit from its advanced diagnostic equipment from leading technology providers Johnson & Johnson Vision and Zeiss, allowing the expert Optical Express clinicians to diagnose many eye conditions such as cataracts earlier and recommend a suitable treatment options for all patients.

Oliver Mundell, MSP for Dumfriesshire, said:

“Dumfries is a fantastic place to set up in, and Optical Express’s investment in the area just goes to show how businesses are backing the town. It’s really important to see these kinds of businesses open up in Dumfries and Galloway to give people choice and reduce travel times so you don’t have to travel to Glasgow or Carlisle to access services.

“This modern, highly professional clinic, and the dedicated team who work here, are a great advertisement for Dumfries. As the town gets back on its feet post-COVID, I am increasingly excited about what the future has in store for Dumfries and the people who live here.”

Optical Express CEO and Founder, David Moulsdale, said:

“We know that patients are going to love our new clinic in Dumfries. By opening in the town, we are bringing advanced eye care closer to people’s home, making looking after their eyes and staying healthy easier than ever.

“The new clinic is the latest in our continued plans for growth throughout 2021. We are determined that our response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be to continue to expand and invest in our excellent clinics. We’re aiming to retain and attract the very best local talent, and are recruiting for a variety of roles, including optometrists and clinic managers, across the country.”

The clinic will offer every patient a free consultation for laser or lens / cataract surgery, which includes a comprehensive eye health check, using the latest diagnostic equipment.

The Optical Express clinic team will educate patients and the wider public on the many benefits, particularly environmental, of vision correction surgery and ultimately help reduce the carbon footprint created by the eye care industry. Optical Express’s own research shows that every year in the UK alone, over 750 million contact lenses are thrown down the drain or into landfill, leading to a build-up of microplastics in our oceans [1], and the carbon footprint created by the manufacturing and shipping of glasses is significant. Like all Optical Express clinics, the new Dumfries clinic will also provide a specialist recycling station for plastic contact lenses and their packaging. 

[1] Optical Express survey of 3,104 Contact Lens wearers.

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