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Why are my eyes itchy? Reasons why your eyes may be itchy

While we’re not sure how accurate the response to ‘Hey Alexa, why are my eyes itchy?’ would be, we are sure that you’d do almost anything for an answer to that question if you suffer from itchy eyes. An already uncomfortable situation is made worse because you can’t simply scratch your eyes to relieve the itch. Not without possibly causing an infection or doing some serious damage to your eyes, at least. Instead of aggravating inflammation or making your itchy eyes worse, read below for 6 possible reasons your eyes are itchy (and, more importantly, what to do about it).

  1. You’re using products that irritate your eyes
    Some products, like facial moisturiser, makeup, or other personal care products have chemicals and ingredients that don’t always react well to our eyes. Unfortunately it’s usually a case of trial and error when it comes to working out which products can irritate our eyes. A delayed allergic reaction could look like red, flaky skin around the eyes and itchy eyes. If you’re experiencing this kind of reaction, look for hypoallergenic cosmetics and skincare.

  2. You have pink eye (conjunctivitis)
    If your eyes are pink and itchy, and you’re noticing discharge, then it’s likely that your itchy eyes are actually a case of pink eye. Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is best cleared up by a trip to your optometrist who can suggest a dose of antibiotics to clear it up. It’s best to stop touching your eyes if you think it’s pink eye, as it’s contagious and easily spread to other people.

  3. Your eyes are dry
    Dry eye is a surprisingly common condition that happens when the eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep themselves lubricated. It usually comes with burning, itching, blurred vision, and sometimes stinging. Dry eyes are chronic, but they are best remedied with longer-lasting treatments like LipiFlow, which clears blocked glands so they can function normally again.

  4. You have eye strain
    As we spend more and more time on computers or looking at bright screens, we become increasingly susceptible to the itchy eyes they can cause. Digital eye strain happens when eyes don’t get a break from focusing on bright screens. Blinking is drastically reduced, which can cause eyes to feel dry or itchy, as well as symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Give your eyes a break with these exercises.

  5. Your eyelids are inflamed
    The medical term for inflamed eyelids is blepharitis, which is usually caused by skin conditions like rosacea, scalp dandruff, or bacteria on the skin. If you start to notice flaking skin along your eyelashes, along with itchy and dry eyes, then you’ve probably got a case of blepharitis. The best thing to do is to go to your local Optical Express optometrist, who can prescribe a remedy and ease the itching.

  6. Your contacts have been in for too long
    Long-term contact lens use can leave your eyes feeling dry, especially if you ‘accidentally’ fell asleep with them in or left them in for too long. If you wear contacts regularly, try taking a break and using your glasses on weekends. And definitely make sure you’re following the do’s and don’ts of contact lens use!

If you’re struggling with itchy eyes, stop by your local Optical Express to speak with our friendly optometrists. They can help get to the root of your itchy eyes so you can spend less time being annoyed about them and more time enjoying your life.

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