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Contact lenses v LASIK

How Laser Eye Surgery Helps You Ditch Your Contacts

Contact lenses can be a hassle, and they can increase your risk of infections too - but there is an alternative, and it could change your life.

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you might wonder how laser eye surgery can help you.

You’ve already waved goodbye to wearing glasses every day. Perhaps you like having the freedom of not having them pinching your nose, falling off or being left at home when you need them in work.

However, you could find even more freedom by having laser eye surgery at Optical Express.

Wearing contacts has become normal. We don’t think there’s anything strange about inserting a piece of plastic into our eyes to be able to see clearly.

There is a downside to wearing lenses though. In an ideal world, we’d always wash and dry our hands before putting in our lenses. We certainly wouldn’t wear them for long periods. We wouldn’t sleep in them. In this fast-paced world, sadly, real life sometimes takes over. That’s why contact lens wear can sometimes lead to eye infections - or worse.

Research shows that laser eye surgery wins over contact lenses when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy. In fact, contact lens wearers are four times more likely to suffer eye infections than people who have had laser eye surgery.

You might think that LASIK’s an expensive option compared to contact lenses. Yet when you take into account how many years you wear lenses for and what you pay for them annually, you’ll see that laser eye surgery isn’t as costly as you think.

It’s also a safe option with excellent outcomes. Thanks to our advanced technology, 99.1% of Optical Express patients who undergo our most popular type of LASIK laser eye surgery obtain 20|20 vision or better.

So for freedom and hassle-free great vision, perhaps now’s the time to wave goodbye to contacts and set your sights on LASIK.

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