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·         Jordan North’s acclaimed new BBC documentary once again sparks conversation around vaping

·         Eye care experts at Optical Express sound the alarm on the serious and unexpected consequences of disposables

·         Leading ophthalmologist warns – how in the most serious cases - vaping could lead to permanent sight loss

Millions have tuned in this week to watch Jordan North’s investigation into the phenomenon of disposables following the release of his new BBC documentary, The Truth About Vaping.

Airing months after government made headlines by announcing a ban on disposables, the most common health effects of vaping are well known, especially those impacting young people. 

It is stated in medical publications that “though advertised as safer than conventional cigarettes, these devices have been found to contain carcinogenic chemicals, air pollutants, and heavy metals.” But what is the unexpected impact of vaping? How can it significantly affect our eyes? And can the habit eventually lead to blindness?

According to the experts at  Optical Express, the effects of vaping on eye health can range from near term effects such as dry eyes to more serious longer-term effects, with vapers more at risk of developing cataracts or glaucoma. 

What’s more, cataracts may come at a younger age for people who vape regularly and, with e-cigarettes growing in popularity among the under 25’s, that paints a worrying picture for the younger generation’s future eye health. 

Optical Express Chairman and CEO, Professor David Moulsdale, has sounded the alarm about the unexpected consequences of vaping on eye health. 

He said: “With more Brits than ever before now using e-cigarettes, it's time to lift the lid on the shocking and dangerous impact that these products can have on your eyes.

"Just half an hour of vaping can lead to oxidative stress in the eyes which leads to macular degeneration. The macular is the part of the eye responsible for our sharp straight-ahead vision and is found in the retinal area.

“Macular degeneration eventually can lead to reduced visual function, worst case blindness. This condition, along with cataract and glaucoma are usually found in older people, as eye health naturally deteriorates as we age.  If you are a vape user, you increase the risk of macular degeneration happening sooner.

Cataracts, a fogging or clouding of the lens in the eye that reduces vision, can also lead to significant vision loss - even blindness when left untreated. 

“Some early indicators that vaping is impacting your eye health, are dry eyes, which are common in vape users, who often experience redness and itchiness, and some may even find it hurts when they blink. 

“Our eyes may also become sensitive to bright light. Eye drops can help relieve some of these near-term conditions, but they are only temporary fixes. The best thing to prevent any further risk to eye health associated with vaping is to stop vaping, or to not take it up at all. 

“If you do notice any blurring or distortion of your vision, contact your eye care provider who will be able to fully assess your eye health.”

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