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Are there payment/finance options available for laser eye surgery?

For our patients who have undergone laser eye surgery with us, the results they have achieved have changed their lives. Enjoying life without the need for contact lenses or glasses has given them the visual freedom they’ve always dreamed of.

You might, however, have stopped yourself from taking the first steps to their treatment due to its perceived cost. The cost of laser eye surgery depends on the type of treatment you're having and your prescription requirements, but the range of pricing and finance options at Optical Express aim to make it an affordable solution for all patients.

Every patient's eyes are unique and their laser eye surgery is too. A consultation with us is required first of all, so that we can determine the requirements for your treatment. That's why we provide you with a cost once you've had your consultation.

However, technological advances in recent years have made this truly remarkable vision transformation affordable for almost everyone who is eligible for treatment. It's also worth bearing in mind that vision correction could be the most economical option for you over time, because it removes the ongoing costs of your glasses or contact lenses.

We also offer finance options to enable you to spread the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly installments.

Booking a free, no obligation consultation is the best way of determining the cost of treatment and payment options available to you.

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