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Optical Express helps Scotland see it better with new TV campaign

Optical Express, the UK’s only full-service eye care provider, has launched its new ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ TV campaign, which hits Scottish television screens on 30 July.

The campaign, which will run throughout August and into early September, will feature around mainstream entertainment programming on STV, as well as in a series of travel network advertisements.


Mary-Frances Kelly, Head of Marketing at Optical Express commented: “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new television advert, to support our ‘It’s a Wonderful World. We’ll Help You see it That Way’ campaign. Our vision is to completely eliminate the need to put up with poor eyesight and it’s a goal that we believe is achievable. This advert will allow us to extend and maintain our position as market leaders in laser eye surgery.

“We’re committed to educating the general public about laser eye surgery, as it’s a life changing procedure which immediately improves the quality of life for those suffering with sight problems. Whether you’re after a general eye health check-up, or a life-changing surgery, Optical Express eye health experts can cater for you.”

The ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ campaign aims to target prospective laser eye surgery patients who suffer from poor vision, and encourages patients to open their eyes to the wondrous sights that the world has to offer.

The advert has been created using a series of emotive images highlighting the important moments missed by poor eyesight, to connect with the audience.

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