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7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a life-changing treatment, but there are certain questions you need to ask both yourself and your optometrist to make sure the procedure is right for you. Laser eye surgery is an overwhelmingly positive experience with many patients saying “I wish I’d done it sooner,” but there are still things to consider while you think about your decision and how your life would look without your contact lenses or glasses. Here are 7 questions you need to ask before your laser eye surgery.

Are you eligible for laser eye surgery?

In most cases, your work and hobbies will be positively affected by laser eye surgery. You’ll be able to stop worrying about contact lenses falling out or drying up, and you can say goodbye to foggy glasses in cold weather. But, while laser eye surgery treats a wide range of sight problems, there are some conditions you have to meet to be eligible for the surgery. First, you must be over 18 years old and have a stable eye prescription. Additionally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will need to wait to be considered as hormonal changes could affect your eyesight.

Have you considered recovery time from laser eye surgery?

While the recovery period is usually minimal, you still need to give yourself time to recover without putting too much strain on your eyes. Your vision might be blurry for a few days, but you’ll likely recover to optimal eyesight within a few weeks. Ensure you have help getting home since the immediate effects of surgery mean you can’t drive.

What laser eye surgery results can you expect?

Most people who receive laser eye surgery attain 20/20 vision,* but surgery results are always dependant on how your eyes change over time. Eyes age over time just like people do, but your surgeon should be up front with you about what results you’ll see after your operation and what they expect to happen in the years to come.

What is the best laser eye surgery treatment for you?

There is a range of options when it comes to laser eye surgery, from LASIK and LASEK surgery to Intra-Ocular Lens surgery. Your surgeon will go over each procedure at your consultation and give you recommendations on which one best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Who will perform your laser eye surgery?

We know how important it is to build a relationship with and to trust your surgeon. Our ophthalmologists have completed thousands of treatments during their careers to become experts in their field, so you can feel confident about your procedure. Read more about each of our surgeons in their detailed profiles here.

How much will your laser eye surgery cost?

At your consultation you’ll be given a full cost breakdown for your surgery and the price is based on your prescription and the type of procedure you are having. When you’re considering laser eye surgery, it’s important to compare the price of surgery with how much you’ll spend on contact lenses or glasses over your lifetime. Plus, Optical Express offers a range of financing options (with no interest for 10 months) to help make laser eye surgery affordable for everyone.

Will you need laser eye surgery aftercare?

How you’re looked after following your laser eye surgery is just as important as being looked after during your surgery. Aftercare is free for 12 months for every patient, with a comprehensive checklist that monitors your progress so we can be sure you’re getting your best vision possible.

If you’ve been considering laser eye surgery, now is perfect the time to book your free consultation at your nearest Optical Express.


*In a study of 190,231 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat (excluding those with presbyopia and emmetropia) 99.2% achieved 20/20 vision or better following treatment.

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